It’s that time of the year! A group of young adults are coming here to get training for two weeks to be equipped before they go to Asia! When I first showed up for Training Camp in August of 2014, I was super nervous and did not know what to expect. During camp I had moments where everything became real; going to Asia, leaving home for 9 months, and entering a culture I had never experienced. Now, I have an opportunity to help the next group coming in! I will be coaching certain people in support raising, leading a fun event for the group, and helping prep for the camp beforehand and during it. I’ll send a picture of the new team in a few weeks and update about how it went.

In the meantime, my prayer requests would be that:

– The new workers will have peace and strength as they get equipped for Asia

– That they would all be fully funded before they go to Asia

– The leaders and long term workers (like me) wouldn’t be burnt out but strengthened and able to minister and lead these new workers