I had my first meal with my Asian friends! (Usually I go out to eat with Atlas and the gang. He orders the food and I’ve liked everything so far)!  Okay, so I ate at the same dishes place with my Asian friends and they ordered pig stomach, mushrooms, and some other stuff I never ate before.  I didn’t eat very much and they noticed, asking “why don’t you eat more?  So I ate more..haha.  I still haven’t met any break dancers yet, but school hasn’t really started yet.  It will this week so I plan to find some.

I’m so grateful that this is even possible!  I wake up to see the view of the city through my room window everyday and I say to myself, I’m in Asia.  Wow, it truly is an unexplainable feeling to be here. I
can’t wait to see what is in store for me, I patiently wait on His timing.
The weather here is quite confusing. It’s mostly gloomy every day, not much sunlight but it’s hot outside. I never know when to carry an umbrella because almost every day looks like a chance of rain. I ask you to continue to pray me as this month is very vital as I begin to make new friends. I thank everyone; I’m truly grateful for my stay here in Asia!!