For those of you who have flown for an extended period of time you know of a strange phenomena that seems to happen to your ankles. They tend to morph into your calves. You can’t tell where one ends and the other starts. This phenomena has a name and it is known as the “cankle”.

No matter how many times we have flown abroad we can’t seem to conquer the cankles. We have tried the plane exercises, walking up and down the aisles, frequent bathroom breaks but none of them win the battle against cankles.

Not only does the 15 hr flight to Asia give you the gift of cankles but it also gives you the added bliss of jet lag. No matter if you change your watch to the right time zone, take Tylenol PM, or try a million positions to get comfortable you will still end up having your head pop off the pillow at 4 am waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

As we were battling the elements of cankles and jet lag we somehow managed to find an amazing apartment just 1 block away from the main road in our city and only 2 wonderful blocks from our language school.

Through this past week in Asia we can see how God’s hand has been guiding us. All of our people are settled in and are having fun exploring their campuses and cities. Already we have heard stories of our people making divine connections and starting relationships with the students!

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

And now it is with great pleasure that we can confidently say that we have defeated the battle against cankles and jet lag. 🙂