Well, DRUM ROLL please!!! God got one!! Another one into the family last week. A friend decided he wanted to become a Christian.
GOD was really just doing his thing during a Bible study when a friend said I want this! “I want God to help me so I can also help
others!” This week will be making preparations for him to get baptized! He’s been reading the Gospel of John lately! I can’t wait
till me and Dublin get to baptize him!  Hahaha God has been good to us here.

 I did another talent show yesterday with my break- dance friends! My language is improving, I already have begun to write characters and read them. I’m so grateful to be here, the other day we celebrated a team members birthday and  I just realized to myself.. wow these are really cool people! I miss everyone a lot and I continue to think of you in my time with God. I have some prayer request and since I update you I like to give prayer requests that way when God answers them I can tell you about how good He is!!
1. Ask God for more insight on the new campus.
2. I need smart but simple ways around the language barrier.
3. There is one friend who is very very close to becoming part of
the family, let it happen!