There’s someone who needs your prayrs right now. Her name is Rita and she is a student from our university who is very popular, gifted, and full of passion and life, yet tonight she called me and said “my heart won’t be quiet.”  She was definitely feeling convicted and hurting, and because we have been brought into her life at exactly the right time (praise God!) and have proclaimed truth and faith to her, she was led to contact us for answers. She said she had a sudden feeling that if she read the Bib1e, that would help! : )

   We believe that Rita’s Creator and Savior is calling to her in His great love and mercy as you read this. Yet the enemy is throwing his best punches as well. Please partner with us in crying out on her behalf – that she would surrender to Jesus and in so doing, gain eterna1 life. We even sense that she would make a great Missionary to her people in the future! We are also asking for wisdom and power in the Holy Spirit.

God has great plans for Rita!

May His will be done!

In Christ,