First, I just want to thank you all for thinking of me! I’m doing a lot better now, I feel recharged and ready to go! Something really
cool happened to me last week. I had a vision. I want to share it with you all.
 As you know during the time of some new guys coming to know the Lord, I myself was going through some things. Well, while I was on my bed on my knees face down to the Lord something happened… I saw myself crying at the feet of Jesus. Everything was white around me. It felt like a scene from one of those movies where the person dies or something and they are in this big empty white room of space. However, it was Christ and me. Jesus yelled out like a roar almost like a strong wind from his mouth. It blew away some dark cloud that was behind me. Then He put his right hand on my head and told me to stand up. Stand in his Authority. As I got up, all these Angels landed and encircled us. Surrounding us. Now I stood face to face with Jesus I couldn’t see his face though but I knew it was Him. I put my hands on his shoulders as I faced Him. He touched me and said be Restored. As He said this, all the Angels pulled out swords and anointed my head with them. (Like when a king Knights someone with a sword) Then they removed them. Jesus moved to the side of me revealing steps as He directed me toward them. He said “This is your inheritance” I opened my eyes from praying and was looking out my bedroom window’s view. Then I heard “ASIA”…
One thing God does for me when I feel discouraged or anything really, He reminds me of my destiny. It’s my most favorite to hear
from the Lord and what He does in my life. Also who I am called to be!!! I’ve never had such an intense vision like that before! I
told you because I thought it was cool! But I also told you to remind you of God’s restoration power. I believe we can all draw
from this and I hope is an encouragement to all that He can and He will restore you when you need it!!! I really am grateful to have
you guys praying for me!!

So… I’m baptizing Bruce tomorrow and Kyle is also dunking a brother!!!!! Chyeahhhhhhhh!!!