Are you ready?! In just 3 days time, 9 PEOPLE RECEIVED JESUS! This was such an awesome time. While I stood back in the city, we sent out 25 Asian students to travel up into the mountains to reach unreached peoples. They split into teams and David led one of them.

This was a radical mission time as they went out completely dependent on God with no specific place or agenda. Just GO! Share the truth and pray for the sick. They arrived at their hotel after a 6-hour bus ride and that night shared with the hotel owner. The next day they traveled 4 more hours to a village and shared with the taxi driver who took them there. They visited the family of a brother in our church and led his grandma to the Lord. The next day they led both his mom and dad to the Lord!

Other teams went to other villages. They also shared and prayed for people. They found the cousin of this same brother in another city! They baptized both him and his wife in a river. The water was freezing and the current was strong but they said: “we still will be baptized”! God had a plan for our brothers family. None of this was planned but God chose to really bless this family.

Sharing in the local markets, mountaintops, and even in their commute time up and down the mountain, they made an impact!