At many, if not all of the Asian schools, the students come together once or twice a week and host “English Corners”. The name does speak for itself; there is a group of 10 – 20 Asian students who gather in an area to practice speaking English. This may seem weird to many Americans, but it is a cool thing to attend.

The first week, Mitzi and I went to an English Corner and met many great people! We received many new contacts and then ate dinner with a group of three girls. They just so happened to be the leaders of the English club that hosted the English corner that day!! Their American names are Sunner, Bella, and Monica. During dinner, Mitzi and I shared with them, however, each declined, all having strong reasons to say no.

Mitzi has been praying for all of our Asian friends, especially those three girls. We have kept in contact and have been hanging out together when they are free. This past week, we ate with Sunner and walked the campus as our food digested. As we walked, we talked to her about God’s presence and just the love of God in general. We asked to pray for her, and in that moment, Sunner said that she felt God and that she wanted to follow Jesus!

A story definitely worth sharing because it was the power of prayer that she received the Word!! Never forget the power of speaking to our Father, He is always near and never too far from us or the things that we ask for in the name of Jesus!!