Wow, I really don’t know where to start! God had been so good and faithful! I’m good, friends are good, my language study is taking off! I have truly been blessed! Sorry it has been a while, I took a trip to a different city last week! I took lots and lots of pictures. It was a 10 hr train ride but I learned a lot. So on the way there I had a hard sleeper, which was choice of a row with six beds. My ticket
had #8 so I found it but there was a top, middle and bottom bunk. So I took the bottom bunk, just as I was getting ready to lay down
when a woman comes and sits on my bed. My friend started laughing at me so, I took about 10 mins trying to figure out how to ask her to please move. I showed her on my IPod, this is my seat and she spoke in English “sorry this is my seat can you please move”. I felt really dumb! She showed me a little  character on my ticket that said middle bunk. Only in Asia, right?!

After arrival I got to meet about 10 great macaronis! Ha, I learned a new word! Macaroni! They were great people. Some were from
Germany, some from Wales! I actually got to speak a message for their Bible Study! I was a little nervous because most of them knew God a lot longer than me but God flowed through me and It was great! One of the best moments, I’ve had in Asia! I let my notes go and just spoke. I also visited a Museum and learned about the people that I was going to visit. The next day I got to climb a
mountain and visit a family from one of Asia’s people groups. It really broke me, this was the first time I had ever seen someone who lived in such poverty and tough circumstances. It brought a new gratefulness in me, I’ve always heard stories about visiting villages and other people groups but Its really something when you actually have the  opportunity to do it. I fell in love with that family they were so loving. If I could take that trip over again just to see them for a day, I would do it.

The last day I got to have a traditional  dinner before getting back on the train. I felt like God deposited many things into me this trip. I miss every one so much! I ask you keep me in your thoughts; I’ve had to take a little break from Asian food, my stomach has been upset for a while now. The food is really spicy here but I love it! Also ask God for vision this year I feel Asia may become long-term for me, but I’m letting this year help determine where and with who it will unfold. I have been networking and He has lead me to many people. I know one promise from God is that my long-term vision will come from the help of others leading me along. It won’t be something I will have to start or do on my own but by His timing on who will need me and use me. I just want to say I’m very grateful for my time here now and for everyone who has been a part of my
life! There is so much work to do!