I was at the end of a full day, hoping to go home and rest.  However, Enrique and Buckeye called me and said there was a girl with a friend they were meeting, so I should come along with them.   I decided one more meeting wouldn’t be bad and went to meet them.  It turns out that I had already met Angela, the girl with them, and was planning on calling her in a few days, but I guess God wanted me to meet her sooner.  As we all sat in the café talking, it became evident that Angela was aware of the God-shaped hole in her heart.  She shared that she does not have any beliefs, but she would like to.  The door was wide open for me to suggest that we meet later to talk about what I believe, but I almost missed the opportunity – it’s a good thing Enrique nudged me! This is the first person God has put in my path whose heart seems totally ready, and it’s really encouraging to finally have a seed to plant!

It’s cool to see God moving even during difficult times.  It has been officially decided that my partner Duke is going home tomorrow.  God is taking her off the front lines to heal things from her past, and everyone here completely supports her in this.  We are sad to see her go, but I know this is in God’s plan.  Sydney is my roommate now, so I won’t be living alone.  She’s the one I’m closest to in the city, so I know God’s got His hand on every detail as I trust Him in this transitory time.

In all of this, I give God praise. He is my architect – He drew up the blueprints of my life. He’s making renovations, and they’ll be so beautiful when the dust and building crew clear out. So I’m going to sit around with blue tarps and yellow tape around the exposed parts of this construction, trusting the Builder who always takes His time to make every detail perfect. I’m only one house, too. He’s got the map of the entire neighborhood.

In God’s hands,