I was one of the first one’s on the bus to the new campus of our
university. As the students filed down the aisle, each one looked
and chose not to sit next to the large foreigner uncomfortably
folded into the small bus seat. They took their seats one by one,
until the only seat left on the bus was the one next to me. Then
one last girl came onto the bus. She had no choice.

She was friendly, and we began to chat. After a few minutes of
getting to know each other, she said, “I am a leader of an English
club on campus. We are working this week to start an English
corner*.” My mind immediately flashed back to the day before. Our
team members had been gathered in our house praying for the campus,
and we specifically asked God to help us find or start an English
corner to meet new students to share God’s love with.

This past Friday, our team showed up at the new English corner not
knowing what to expect. About 20 Asian students gathered
together, eagerly awaiting our arrival. At our arrival the group
dispersed into small groups of 2-5 students around each of us.

In my little circle of 5, God showed up powerfully. As I began to
share God’s story, students peppered me with questions trying to
understand more about how to have a relationship with God. As I
shared more about Jesus, one girl exclaimed, “This is incredible!”

The stories from other circles were just as awesome. The Spirit was
opening the hearts of this English club to be able to see Jesus.
How amazing that God sat the one girl who leads this group right
next to me on the bus. Not only did we meet 20 new friends to share
with, but
God has already begun planting His seeds deep in their hearts. I
can’t wait to see them grow.

* An English corner is a place where Asian students gather
together to practice their English. It is one of the best places to
meet students we can easily communicate with.