I sat there in the hard fiberglass chair, stomach churning and mind racing. It was about to begin. A semester’s long headache and the constant source of energy-draining study were coming to a close. The only thing left was to remember what I studied.

My final exam is now completed and awaiting correction, though I think there will be very few red marks on it. I am relieved to have finished my first semester of language study, and to have found the final exam to be much less difficult than my mind was picturing it to be. One test is over but both Saphira and I have one more test before the summer starts, we have to take our official aptitude tests. I am taking the level 2 exam whereas Saphira will be sitting for the company’s official final test so she can be released from language study and spend all of her time doing the good work (although she will still be needing to study as this language has what seems to be an unlimited number of words and multiple uses for far too many of them).

Saphira has had only a little time to be able to work but God has used her in awesome ways so far — God has turned her little disciple Chen into a Good News-Sharing Machine! I am so excited to see what things God has for Saphira once she can shift focus from language study and to the work. God is good!

Our summer will go by super quickly, most Americans’ “summer” began almost a month ago, but ours is just starting. We will only have about 3 weeks where we can focus on learning more “work related” vocabulary and polish our ability to share the Good News. The rest of the time will be spent in trainings and then some travel to an unknown place with two stipulations: we cannot use English for the duration of the trip, and we must exercise curiosity and use our language with the local people to the best of our ability… and hopefully that means that some people are going to hear the good news!  Please be lifting us up as we travel!

We miss you all and are keeping you in our yarps. We love hearing back from people so we’d love for you to take just 1-2 minutes to reply to this question: What things do you hope to be able to do this summer?