About a month and a half ago, our son E had a seizure episode, it was very scary and emotional for us. And then in the following month, he had 7 more! Since the first time it happened, we visited several hospitals and seen several doctors. We have done all kinds of tests such as an MRI, blood test, and VEEG; the results still remain uncertain. The doctors suggested to put him on epilepsy medication to control the abnormal electric activity in his brain, even if he may naturally grow out of having seizures in a few years. This has been very heavy on our hearts. It is hard to see our child have any kind of sickness, but to have one that “the experts” can’t tell you why it is happening and they aren’t sure if they can cure makes it harder.

While hardship is happening, good things are happening as well. We as a couple got to talk about “dating and relationships” to our brothers and sisters. Roxanne started to disciple Kayla, a junior university student. I am building more connections with college guys. Salvations are happening in our city and our team is growing closer together. We also have had an exciting development opportunity regarding our company! We are looking at partnering with two locals who want to start an English school. They have the capital to get a good place, as well as the connections and sales experience to get students. This is exciting for us and we love your prayers as we are considering perusing this partnership.