I walked around, trying to really experience C-Land for the first time since I got here.  I walked around my campus, asking God for vision.  I started seeing students less as just people, and more as individuals God loves.  I started seeing the dorms as future places of little fellowships gathering every week all over campus!  I followed where I felt God pulling me – to a huge set of stairs going down from a building.  I walked down, and there was a man feeding several squirrels peanuts and crackers.  One thing I’ve learned about C-Land: you rarely see a squirrel without people gathered around it with cameras and feeding it crackers.  So I watched him and how joyful he was feeding about five squirrels there.  He let me take a few pictures of him and then gave ME the rest of the peanuts.  It was SO fun!  Then God led me to watch the seagulls that gather at a nearby lake at this time of the year.  That day I also bought a few things for crazy cheap prices, and went to the fruit market (many different people set up shop in there, all trying to sell their food).  All in all, I really experienced K-Town and began to get more of a heart for it.  It was good – I am sure it will make all the difference in the months to come!

Things have been different in K-Town recently.  Because their semester is over, most of our friends have gone home and will be back in a little more than a month, so now we have fewer friends to meet with every week. With the extra time, we have been encouraged to seek God for vision and passion and to talk to Him about our friends.

Next week, our whole team (from all three cities) is going to Thailand for a ten-day retreat (yay!).  Please be praying for us all to be refreshed and encouraged so we can come back raring to go!  Also keep our friends in your prayers, that God would do things in their lives in this time they have at home.  Thanks so much! 😀

In Christ,


P.S. To see pictures of the man and me feeding the squirrels and my other recent adventures, please visit my Shutterfly page!