Things here are going to be winding down a bit, with students returning home for the much anticipated Spring Festival.  Even so, there is still some excitement buzzing.  This past Sunday a fellowship started on campus!  Over the past two weeks there was some brainstorming among a few of our Asian  friends as to where a fellowship could be held.  Also vision was planted into their hearts to start this thing and reach out to students who need Jesus.  It was very exciting for us, even though none of us foreigners attended.  There were 6 attendees, three that were Christian’s and three that were not (though one of those three is so very close and she has been helping with the fellowship finding a location and is very excited about it).

This past week was finals week.  Those being over with, we have a great opportunity in the next 1-2 weeks to be able to hang out with friends and really pour into them as they don’t have anything to study for or distract them.  I’m really excited and hope you will pray with me for opportunities and for the Holy Spirit to move and work powerfully among our friends here.

I still do not know where I will go or if I will go anywhere for spring festival.  John and Clive are both going to HB in the north (brrrr) so as of right now I will be here by myself for the biggest Asian holiday of the year.  I’m trusting God though in whatever happens.  One of our friends Willy will not be returning home for the holidays, so that will be a great chance to get to spend a lot of time with him, and I am very excited.

Thailand is coming up!  It will be great to see everyone else and get some good solid pouring into.  Please be praying for that whole event.  Also, while there secur!ty is not an issue, so I look forward to talking to all of you and being on Facebook! Haha

That is all for now, miss you!