Hey! I haven’t emailed you in a while, so I want to give you a few brief updates.

First, last month my dad’s mom passed away. I came back home to be with my family for a week, and it was sad, hard, and long, but still good. God allowed me to be there in the last few days she was here, talking, reading, and singing to her. I also got to be there for my family. Now Grandma is with Bompie (what we called our grandpa) and God, and she is out of pain. I’m kind of jealous because now she gets to see Jesus face-to-face and have a brand new body that won’t ever decay again. That’s got to be so amazing.

Second, Eragon and I have been meeting with people to join our support team so we can go back and minister in Asia, hopefully starting in January! He is currently working through his required Stateside internship, and I work in the Stateside office while he’s here. Then he’ll start his season of language learning in Asia (like I did a year ago) and I’ll dive back into making friends, sharing, and training! Please be praying that we’d trust God to build our financial support team in the timing that is right, and that He’d lead us to talk to the right people so we can minister to them.

Third, I am back home using all of my paid furlough time doing wedding planning in my mom’s new yellow craft room. It’s going far more smoothly than I anticipated! We get married in about 4 1/2 weeks – it’s coming so quickly! I’m praying for dry weather in mid-August because our wedding will hopefully be outdoors.