God bless you guys! I hope all is well with you, and I pray that God is with each of you in a mighty way. It’s been a while since

It’s been a while since I have written an update. I have definitely been going through some things, praying and just seeking God in every decision in my life. The best thing about being part of a ministry is having leaders who will stand by you, pray for you, give you wisdom and just care for you…it’s a good thing when you have that in your life. God is doing some work in my life right now and he is opening up doors in different places, for different opportunities like going to other places such as Australia to do ministry over there and to even start my music up again! Plus I am going to start working in different things in the minstry I am a part of now, so I am seeing God move in awesome ways! I feel like this is a time of growth for me, God is molding me slowly but surely. I am learning more and more. I have to lean on Him with everything! I am still pushing to be in Asia next year, so we will see what God will do!