When they told me that October would start a time of language study and spiritual preparation, they called it The Intensive. I finished college two years ago, and though it wasn’t always easy, I was able to do it well. For this reason, I thought “The Intensive” would be a breeze.

I was wrong. This has been a really great time of focusing on the foundations we’ll need to study the language in Asia and then do ministry there, but The Intensive is actually intense! Since being out of school, I haven’t been in the practice of the high level of time management all of this takes, so it’s been a little stressful for me.

However, I’ve been learning a lot about God and how to seek Him in the secret place every day, and about who I am in Him. We’ve started a class about dealing with emotions in a healthy way, as well. All of these things have been awesome! I just have to keep pressing on for about another month, and then I’ll get to rest. But until then, God is really doing a lot in me even though I am busy all the time!

Prayer Requests:

  • We’ve started our recruiting process and will be going to our first big event starting this Thursday. Please pray that God would send laborers to Asia from this group!
  • Being really busy is making me stressed. Please pray that I would be patient and keep being productive.
  • I am still working on building my team of monthly supporters – I have a little ways to go. Please pray that God would put me and Asia on peoples’ hearts and that God would bring me to full support soon. Let me know if anyone you know is interested in hearing about what I do or if you have it on your heart to raise your monthly support.

Thank you so much for being with me in this – it means so much to have you behind me! I would love to hear from you and know what is going on in your life, so don’t resist your urge to reply to me!

God bless!