It was getting to the end of our three-day trip, but we were still in the village with Summer’s family, and they all wanted pictures with us!  We ended up being in their huge family picture along with multiple pictures of the smaller families.  Sydney and I went to our friend Summer’s grandmother’s house for their Spring Festival get-together, and her whole family was there.  We got to walk around the village, eat a huge meal with all thirty of them, and participate in their family picture.  It was so fun being included in everything!  It was very enjoyable, and an eye-opening experience for me, since I have not really been out of the city I live in.  The village was much different from K-Town!

In the beginning of this month, everyone in my organization got together in T-Land for a ten-day retreat.  It was so refreshing to be with everyone, have fun in town, and hear God-inspired speakers from different parts of the world.  I even rode an elephant while I was there!  We had four days to rest, and those were really great – I needed them.  As an added bonus, God even gave us vision to empower us to come back to C-Land!

Now we are all back here in C-Land, but our friends have not yet returned for their next semester of school.  To take advantage of this time, we are having a week and a half of special training in our individual cities.  Today was just the first day, and today’s speaker was fantastic!  I am excited to see how God is going to keep preparing us for when our friends come back.  Please pray for us, that God would continue to change us to be like Him, and that He’d give us vision for the next three months we’re here.  Also continue to keep our Asian friends in your prayers as they are still at home – we’re hoping God’s doing some amazing things during this time!

In Christ,


P.S. I took lots of pictures of T-Land and my whole Spring Festival trip and put them up on my Shutterfly page. If you want to know more about Spring Festival here, I’ve also put an entry about it on under the Blog Extension tab.  Check it out! 😀