Sonata and I looked at the 4 plates that were full of jiaozi
(dumplings) and sighed. Our friends, Jenny and Color, came over to
teach us how to make dumplings.  We had a wonderful time learning
how to make this traditional Spring Festival food, but realized
that we had made over 60 dumplings for 4 people!! We made a quick
phone call to our team member Aidan who helped us eat all of the
jiaozi. The next morning, two more friends came over (Jocelyn and
JQ) to teach us how to make a traditional Spring Festival food;
more jiaozi! Within a matter of  12 hours we had to try and eat
over 120 dumplings. Everything turned out delicious and we were
able to connect with these 4 girls before they left for winter
holiday. But I don’t think I will be eating any jiaozi for quite a

Wow! We have had a crazy week with trying to meet with all of our
friends before they left for holiday. It was wonderful reconnecting
with some friends and saying goodbye, as well as, sending them off
with some literature to look at while they are gone.  It will be
very lonely around here with all of our friends gone.

Well, Sonata and I had decided to visit our friend Jeanette for
spring festival and were all prepared to buy the tickets for our
visit to her hometown.  She called us last week and told us that
she is not going to be able to go home for the festival. Since we
have not had any other invitations (as of yet) we do not think we
will be going anywhere for the holiday.  This was very sad for
Sonata and I since we were looking forward to visiting a hometown
and being a part of this national holiday. So keep us in prayer as
we are trying to figure out what we should we do during the

 I started language classes again this week and have been busy with
homework and reviewing material from last term.  Our teacher was
gone for three weeks to visit the states so we had a little break.
However, I am very excited to begin classes again especially since
our time here is coming to an end very soon.

Prayer Requests:
1. For our friends while they are away, that God will speak to them
and touch their hearts.
2. Spring Festival time is a hard time for a lot of students. Many
commit suicide during the lonely holiday season. Pray that the
students will be protected from those thoughts and the lies that
can come into their hearts.
3. We are getting ready to leave for Thailand soon. Pray that we have a
safe trip and everything goes smoothly.
4. My sister in-law is due this week, keep her and her baby in your
5. If I should return next year or commit to another 3 years
Praise Report:  Another new sister in the family!

Well, I hope that this e-mail finds you well and that you are
experiencing God’s grace every day. I hear that many of you are
getting lots of snow and in some areas in the west some forest
fires. I pray that you and your family stay safe no matter where
this e-mail finds you.  Take care and remember that God is doing a
brand new thing and that He takes delight in you!

With all my love,