Hey there! Thanks so much for your prayers since my last update. I’m feeling gradually more prepared in every way to move to Asia in May. It’s beginning to be more exciting and less overwhelming for me! God is good and is holding me in His hands, and He will continue to make me more like His Son. I’m learning how to trust Him in good and different ways. 🙂

I also wanted to let you know that I am back in my home state for this next week. I have a CT recruiting team who will be here with me going to three different college groups between Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe we’ll see you! I’ll also be at ship next Sunday, where I’ll also see some of you! Please be praying that God will put Asia on the hearts of a good amount of the young people we talk to this week. We want a big 9-month team to launch off this August!

Thanks so much for being behind me. You’re in my thoughts every day!