With the start of a new semester here in the X, there is a lot going on. I have tried my best to hit on some of the major topics below. Enjoy!

Winter Session Update:

Thank you so much for praying for our Winter Session. It went really well. In our city alone, we made dozens of phone calls to people we know that God put on our hearts asked them to think and pray about spending a year with us in Asia. So far, just from our city, we have at least two people filling out applications and we are believing for more as we continue to do follow-up!

Please continue to pray for these applicants and that God would continue to direct them.


The spring semester of school has started in full force here in the X as students pour back in from all over Asia. We are having our first fellowship of the semester tonight and I am really excited to see old friends again and to make some new ones! Autumn and Sonny had a great meeting with some of our core believers last week, helping them to reconnect with each other and to plan for the new semester. We are excited to see some new Training Groups started and run by Asian believers and to see them getting out more and sharing.

Please be praying for our Asian friends as they step up in greater levels of leadership and step out in greater levels of boldness!

Less Than 40 Days:

It is crazy to believe, but our 9-month workers will be leaving the X in less than 40 days. We took time during Winter Session for them to pray and strategize together as a group about how to best use their time here until they return home. One of the biggest goals they have is to connect people they have that have joined the family this year with our fellowship that is already established here in the X. There are about 30-40 people who have joined the family through our 9-month workers this year who haven’t really locked in to the fellowship as a whole.

Please be praying that this would happen for as many people as possible before our workers go home. Ask that God would bless their remaining days here with fruitfulness and purpose.

Praying Like We Have Never Prayed Before:

One of the things we feel like God is calling us as a group to do this season is invested time in prayer. We are praying that revival would come not only to the X, but to Asia as a whole. When you look through history, it is clear that what we are asking God for only comes through time spent individually and together in prayer. There are many new prayer initiatives going on all over CT and I personally am attempting to re-orient my life and my schedule around this principle of significant time invested in prayer. We believe that God is really going to show up and move in powerful ways here, and we are anxious to be a part of it.

Once again, thank you so much for your continued prayer and support. They are really important and valuable. You are an important member of this team!