Mid-February is the Asian New Year, more commonly called Spring Festival.  During Spring Festival, we are encouraged to spend a few days with an Asian friend in their hometown, experiencing how they celebrate the holiday with their families.  So this past February, Sydney and I headed off with our friend Angela to her hometown about two hours away from K-Town.  We ate the traditionally huge dinner with her family on the eve of the New Year, and then stayed one night in her home.  Every morning I get up early to spend about an hour with God, and I did not let the morning I woke up in her home be an exception.  I got up before anyone else in the house and found an empty room with a couch, pulled out my journal and Bible, and asked God what He had in mind for the day.  I was in the middle of my time with God when Angela stuck her head in the room and asked what I was doing.  I explained it to her, and she left.

Today, I had lunch with Angela.  Recently she bought a Bible and has been reading it a bit.  Today she told me that this morning she woke up at about 6 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep, so she pulled out her Bible and read a little bit this morning, just like I had when I was in her home two months ago.  How encouraging!  Because I was faithful with spending time with God one morning, my friend was able to follow my example and delve more into His Word!

We never know who is going to pick up on the little things we do.  Every action may be contemplated, copied, or scrutinized.  I never thought that getting up early two months ago would have any effect except for keeping me on track with God for the day.  Praise God for making me a good example to Angela!  In the five remaining weeks we have here, we still need to be conscious of what we’re demonstrating to our friends.  Please keep us in your prayers as we run the last leg of the race this year; there are still SO many things God is going to do through us and in our friends!

My team has a few friends who are consistently coming to our recently-combined, now-co-ed Book Club.   They are very hungry for God but have not yet made a decision for Him.  Shawn and Michael know they will need to decide, but they are making excuses why now is not the best time for a decision.  Angela, Summer, and Cathy know about God and what He’s done, but it hasn’t clicked for them yet that Jesus’s gift is for them, personally.  Becky is already in the family, but she does not see a reason to demonstrate or live out her faith.  Please pray for these friends and that we would see all of their lives changed by the time we leave next month!

Thanks so much!

In Christ,


P.S. We finally were able to dunk Jenny last weekend!  God’s been revealing so much to her, it’s so amazing!  Praise the Lord! 😀