You know in sci-fi films how when they make the jump to light speed all the stars and surrounding planets stretch out into lines for just a second before they disappear as the hero races to a whole other galaxy? Do you ever feel like that happens to you? That is exactly how I feel about these past few months. It seems like 3 weeks ago that I noted there were exactly 92 days until I fly home, and now somehow there are only 28 days!

I’m really excited to say that even if I were getting on the plane tonight, I would know for sure that there is lasting change on my campus because of my time here. Just 2 weeks ago our small believers study began to transition into becoming a church! About 8 of our friends come every Sunday morning, and they love it! Week-by-week you can see each individual growing and maturing in their faith.

Each week I spend anywhere from 7 to 10 hours pouring over scriptures with two girls who are so hungry to mature I can barely keep up with them. Lately on Wednesday afternoons I spend from lunch until dinner digging into every ounce of truth I can extract from Romans with a 19 year old girl. Recently she said to me, “I don’t think it matters much if I get to go to heaven, maybe what matters more is if I can share the truth with others. If many people can go to heaven because of what I can tell them, it doesn’t matter too much for me if I can go.”

As a freshman this girl, and my other best-friend (a senior continuing as a grad student), will be my legacy here. They’re both catching the vision for impacting not just one or two roommates, but as many people as they can. Despite our less-than-perfectness our team has seen our prayers answered this year.

We just started a large-group study for friends, and friends-of-friends, who are curious about God or want to learn more. Our first meeting we had 11 people show up (plus 3 saved friends who wanted to help)! And this week we’re expecting more!

I also want to let you know that this next year I will be returning to work stateside in our main office. By the mid-point of this year I was fully ready to commit to staying here in Asia for several years or more, but let the leadership know that I was up for whatever would make the most use of my personal skills and strengths. After a LOT of thought and prayer we all agreed that I could have the greatest impact by renewing my role as Events Coordinator, and adding the role of Assistant to the Director.

So, I will be leaving Asia, for at least a little while, in 4 short weeks. It hardly seems real. I am really excited about my upcoming role. They way I love planning and details would sicken some, but for me it really is a thrill. After a short period in June of raising additional support to cover my increase in living expenses stateside, I hope to jump into my job with all the additional passion I’ve gained by living here.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Please continue to lift me, our church, our unbelievers-study, and our friends up over these left 4 weeks. I’m fully expecting that God is going to do things we didn’t expect before we leave!