My trip with some of my co-workers back to Michigan for recruiting went really well!  We got to speak to maybe 300 young adults about what we do and invite them to come with us. We also made many more connections that we’ll use in the fall when CT takes another recruiting trip to Michigan.  We have at least one person coming to Asia with us in the fall from this trip, as well!  God is good!

Coming up this weekend is what we call MiniCamp, which is our first orientation for people who will potentially join us in Asia in the fall.  This is both very exciting since we get to play games and have fun, but also very important because they will have an opportunity to hear from God about their lives and their future.  We also use this weekend to train them in how to successfully raise money for their trip.  Please be praying, first for these potential recruits, that God will speak and they will feel connected with CT, and also for us, that we would have energy to engage them and minister to them all weekend. Thanks so much!

I only have 25 days until I move to Asia (May 3) — crazy!  I officially have an apartment now, and I’m getting excited to go!  God has been working on my heart and making me feel more at ease about moving.  Please be praying that God would continue to prepare me as I get ready!