Thank you so much for praying with us! A week ago I sent out a report of some serious persecution that some of our believers were facing and problems we ourselves were facing as the result of some people who visited our church trying to cause problems for us.

Some positive updates since you’ve been praying for us this past week:

  • It has come out that it was mostly Lili’s boyfriend involved in the original false accusations and Lili was only tangentially involved.
  • Lili has apologized to us for her role in what was said about us.
  • Kristine went today to a meeting she had before a disciplinary committee at the school (for being a Christian and sharing the gospel on campus). They forbid her from sharing the gospel anymore or leading any Christian activities and told her they would expel her if she did, but they did not punish her at this time. She acknowledged what they told her, but didn’t tell them she would abide by that.
  • We went ahead with the Easter service (in a different location). Four people were baptized! And God poured out His Spirit on all of us in a powerful way on all of us.
  • The faith of the core believers in the church is being strengthened during this persecution. They are amazing me with their courage, forgiveness, and grace.
  • It seems like the school and authorities are not following up what was said with the foreigners directly (we live about 40 minutes away from the school). This is an answer to prayer!

A couple continued requests:

  • The things that were said (especially about us foreigners) can’t be unsaid. Please pray for continued protection for us and a continued open door to share the good news about Jesus.
  • Continued boldness, wisdom, and protection for Kristine.
  • Lili is discovering that her boyfriend has not only been controlling her, but has been deceiving her in important ways too. Please pray for courage to break free from this destructive relationship and completely return to Christ.

Thank you for standing with us during these important times! Prayer truly changes things.