I was about completely traveled-out and on my last flight to our yearly retreat in Thailand, so I leaned back and closed my eyes as the plane took off. The American guy next to me named Byron started getting to know the Asian man named Mr. Wu in our row, and I decided I didn’t want to talk to either of them. However, Byron quickly guided the conversation to Dad and took out his Bible beginning to share the Gospel. I realized that Dad had set up this situation, so I tuned my ears in. When there began to be a break in communication between them due to language barriers, I leaned over to Byron and mumbled, “I’m a worker in Asia, if you need help translating.” Over the course of the next three hours, we walked Mr. Wu through the Good News, and I saw God break strongholds in his life that had previously stopped him from choosing to follow God. As we landed, Mr. Wu said he wanted to be inside God’s family instead of the outside looking in, so I had the chance to lead him in praying and accepting God’s great gift!

I am now enjoying myself on the retreat, although a strange cold front has gone through, so it’s been unexpectedly chilly. It’s really good to see everyone here, though, brainstorming new ideas and asking God for His vision for this upcoming year. I look forward to God speaking to me in the rest times I get to take.