beautiful, precious, darling, full of life, dearly loved….

Oh, wait a minute, we don’t actually know yet what our baby’s name will be. We’re having trouble deciding, and we just might wait till we see her face before we do. In the meantime, she’ll keep having fun kicking my wife’ss spleen! Our baby girl is due early March.

In Asia, our brothers and sisters are getting ready for a special gathering. Twice a year, all the house church leaders and key disciples from each of our cities gather together in one place for a time of impartation, equipping, and relationship building. It is amazing how God moves among them as they meet!

Over the holiday season our interns were at home having time with their families, as well as continuing the support raising process. Now they’re back in the States, and we’re full swing into the “Spring Semester” of the internship. During these months they are working on recruiting, other office work, and language learning. Their flight date — end of April — is fast approaching, and some of them are feeling the urgency to get fully funded and get other preparations made.

My weeks are full of teaching language classes, planning meetings, 1-1 meetings with interns, a prayer meeting with the interns, and time at the computer. Each Monday morning we kick off the week with State of the Union, a time to worship, pray for each other, and hear from a speaker. It’s our time to remind ourselves of what God’s doing – in Asia, in the ministry as a whole, and in us. It is life-giving to keep the heart and the why of what we do in front of us. My wife is still working part-time, but her last day is early February. She’s playing point for our personal support raising efforts and growing a baby (hard work!), and together we’re racing the due date to get fully settled into our new place.

You may have been aware that we were praying for an affordable two bedroom apartment to open up close to the office. God answered! We’ll be moving in the next week or two, and we feel thankful and excited about the opportunity to settle into a place with enough space for the three of us.