Hello everyone! I am sorry it’s been so long; I have only now gotten internet in my apartment. I can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks since coming to Asia! It feels like so much longer. Life here has definitely been an adjustment, but it has been a good learning experience. God is doing good things in me, as well as in this city!

When we arrived, we stayed at a hotel for several days, until our apartments were ready for us. Our leaders took us out and showed us the city and introduced us to some good food! No one got sick the first week, but it started to catch up with a few of us as we ate food with spices that we are not used to. But it was a great first week! After the first seven days, our leaders slowly let us on our own. We found how difficult the language barrier is, since we began ordering on our own. We have learned very quickly how to order food! It does not still go without a struggle, especially when they think we can speak the language, when really, the only thing we know how to say is what we want. We often rely on pointing to pictures. Something new we started is the “point and pray”, and hoping that it is good food. Everything I have had so far has been delicious!

Katniss and I have been making many friends. Yesterday we went to KTV with a group of girls. KTV is karoke, except that you get your own private room and can pick your own songs. It was a lot of fun!

We have shared the gospel with many, but no one has made a decision to become a believer thus far. We are praying and believing that those who we shared with will have an encounter with God. He is doing many good things here! We have had at least four people become Christians through our team here. This is just the beginning of many to come! Many struggle because of the beliefs of their families, believing in Buddha, or themselves. We can’t do anything but sow seeds, and ask God to meet them. Please pray with us in these areas!

Prayer requests:
1. Continued adjustment to culture and life here
2. Boldness and courage
3. New members to the family of Christ
4. Supernatural encounters with God

Thank you for your support!