Asia Team Takes Off!
There’s nothing like a 4am departure to get a team sent off to Asia in style! After 18 days of training the new team before they got on the plane, I (Wesley) helped drive two of our cities’ teams to the airport last month. Though the hour was early, their spirits were high, and they were excited to start their journey. Now that they’ve had time to settle in over there, we’ve been getting awesome reports about their ministry. Already the new team has gotten to lead over 20 Asian students into a relationship with Christ in less than a month!

Baby Arrives!
In addition, Buttercup and I were wonderfully blessed last Sunday, September 7, when our son was born. He came over three weeks early, and needed an emergency c-section to deliver him because his heart rate dropped significantly when the doctors were monitoring him. We had some scary moments as all of that was happening, but since then he’s been completely happy and healthy, and we are incredibly blessed to have him in our lives. Buttercup is getting rest when she can, and she is recovering well from the surgery.

Please pray for us as we continue to learn and adjust as new parents, and please also pray for the CT team. We are still working on getting a replacement for Buttercup on the Stateside team, and there is a lot that we will need to work on in the coming weeks to make that happen.

We are grateful! Grateful for our healthy son, for Buttercup’s continuing recovery, and that God is doing great things in Asia through the team. Thank you for your prayers and support!