Well the past few months a lot has happened! God continues to be on the move bringing more souls into the Kingdom! Just about every week we have someone decide to follow Christ, sometimes more then that! Actually this past week I got the opportunity to lead a friend from two years again into a relationship with Christ! God is doing great things!

These past few months have also been quite a hard time for me. Language study is quite a hard challenge. It’s coming along, but at times its been quite lonely and wondering if I am ever going to be able to share the gospel in their language and feeling lack of friendship and sometimes lack of close community.

I know in the midst of these hard challenges our Father is up to doing good things, though at times I have to convince myself that He really is doing so, because at times it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. I am however hoping to be able to in the summer or fall transition into starting to do full time ministry. I just need to pass the transition “test” that gets me ready for what is ahead for me.

In February we went to Malaysia for a time of refreshment and refilling. It was truly a good time of refreshing and recharging. We were able to serve other churches as well as speak at other churches. They welcomed us with open arms. It was such an honor to serve them there in Malaysia!

Thank you everyone for your love and support. It’s been hard struggling and not being at home at times. But God too has met me and is helping me through, even when I am in the times of not being able to bare much anymore. I am so grateful for God’s love and grace He lavishes on me daily. How easy I can forget, that He is still a good good Father and never changes, always keeping His promises. And is always doing something in the midst to make us more into His likeness.