I miss you all so much! Life continues to be a whirlwind….Christmas has come and gone and life continues to go on…During the Christmas season here in Asia we saw at least 8 people say yes to our great GOD. As many parties were happening there were people that were even more confident in saying yes I want this and others who decided to make a commitment to HIM. Praise God, for He is moving powerfully in this nation! In the past few months we have had over 25 people yes to God! We also recently had a baptism where people were ready to give their whole life for God, committing to give everything for the sake of HIM!

Christmas with my Asia family was great but still quite hard, this holiday season I was definitely missing home quite a bit. But we had a gift exchange; played games, laughed and most important ate some delicious food!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s!  My roommate and I hosted the party, we made a pajama party as to make things nice and relaxed, it was a good time again with friends!

This month our family will celebrate Asian New Year! So many of us will be traveling to different friend’s hometowns to celebrate with them! This is always a great time to see and experience a village and to see where our friends really come from, it’s very different from city life.