Have you ever loved someone so much that just to even be across the room from them feels too far? To sit with them just makes you happy…not doing much just being together is enough. To say goodbye feels like a part of you is being torn in two even if for a short time?

Well, I want to say that this is the way that God feels about all of us. This is the only reason He sent Jesus to die for us, is the ache of His heart to be with us. When He died for us He payed for our Sin, any measure of separation from Him, no matter how much it cost Him. It cost Him everything, and if He died and didn’t raise from the dead, He could not be with us, and we could not be with him. Everyone would have been dead and separate from the Father including Jesus. But the greatest news is that in the power of The Father’s love for us, and for His Son, He raised Him from the dead and each of us who receive Jesus with Him. Why?

So we can experience His love…

I believe that God can do anything, but choose on our behalf to choose Him. That would not be relationship. It would be control and some sort of broken arranged marriage. No, He desires that we would choose Him in salvation, saying yes to his sacrifice on the cross and every day in turning to him to find a love so deep that it has no depth, or width, or end. He simply wants to love us that we would be satisfied in Him. This is the greatest desire of any relationship founded in love. To love unconditionally that the other person would come alive in that love.

That being said as wonderful as this relationship is, its always personal. I have just been spending some time with The H0ly Spirit. He is the Spirt of Jesus with us and in those who chose to receive Him. He is wonderful. He loves to lead us and guide us to Jesus. He has no other goal other than to bring people to the One whom He loves, Jesus.

As I mentioned earlier He can’t make the decision for us to believe, say yes for us to his death and resurrection on the cross, nor can he make the decision for us to make time just to be with him day to day, moment by moment, present in his presence. This is not only the single thing we can give him, but the only thing I believe He ultimately desires.

Just as you love to be with the one you love, I described in opening above, this is the way He longs for you.

He wants to be chosen, as you would want to be chosen by your lover. He is Love so complete in himself, but with all of who He is desires relationship. He wants to share Himself with us simply because He loves us.

I can make you a God promise today…Ready?

If you ask Him into your life you will find your life purpose and desire fulfilled in Him…

He loves you and will never stop loving you and anyone living apart from Him this very moment is doing so out of their choice. Many of us simply because we have not know this kind of love is even possible. Through Jesus He has swung wide the doorway of invitation to us all for us to come to Him by choice.

The incredible thing is if any of us are able to see who He truly is in His love there is not one person who would want one waking moment apart from Him. I believe this is what He wants us to see through His Spirit drawing us, and also in those who have received him, living from His love towards one another that we first found in Him.

I would not be complete in sharing with you without saying there is one who would love for you to never find this love, and that is satan. He will distract, discourage, steal, kill, and destroy. Pretty much anything you can think of to convince you that your are disqualified from coming to Jesus and having this kind of love relationship. This is not at all the heart of the Father and as present as satan’s influence is in the world the love of God is greater.

Yet, still we can choose to believe satan’s lies towards us, which will aways make isolate us from God’s love, or we can simply choose to come to His love. A love so great that not even the power of our sin and deserved death could separate us from His all-consuming love for us when Jesus poured himself out on the Cross. No, truly, the only thing that can separate us from Him, is us not CHOOSING Him as HE FIRST CHOSE us. This beautiful love invitation is our choice.

I speak to you as His beloved, all of you, even those who have not chosen Him, He wants to be chosen! His love is always found in our Choice to receive Him!

Remember something very important satan does not want you to realize Jesus’ choice towards us is Yes no matter your state.

Are you feeling dirty? He will clean you. Are you feeling broken? He will make you whole. Are you sick in heart or physically? He will heal you. Are you feeling alone? He will embrace you. Are you believing junk that ain’t true and you don’t know how to stop? He will speak truth and life over you as his beloved.

I want to champion you to choose Jesus and know His love for you. You will never be satisfied in any other love once you have tasted His love…

Once you have experienced His love for you, you will earnestly desire to share Him with everyone else! Not out of a forced place, but out of an overflow of “This is so wonderful!” and I want everyone to know Him.

Some of you may ask “How do you ask him to start a relationship?” Just ask Him and make time to spend with Him. That’s all he wants…you! It will be unique to you and Him, but in that place you will find yourself in Him.

Want a practical way start eating and feasting in His love for you? The Bible is His love letter to you that you would grow deeper in His love. When you read it with him, ask Him and he will speak over you like an intimate friend, teaching you in the depths of His love! Bon Appétit…