The time here is flying by. We have about only one month left until we will be flying home! I can’t believe it. My feelings these days are that I want to come home, and then I think, “ NO! I don’t want to go home!” We have made a lot of great friends and have enjoyed our time here. It will be bittersweet. The spring here is also so beautiful; the trees and flowers are lovely. They have a saying here that there is no spring in Asia, only winter and summer because the transition between seasons is so fast.

Just to give you an update about my last prayer request- things have calmed down quite a bit. My friend who was going to be questioned about her faith at her school was given grace and some warnings. They told her she was not allowed to share on campus. They said if this happens again she would for sure be expelled. Thank you for lifting them up and us. God hears our prayers.

In the past few weeks Katniss and I have had two new sisters join the family, which makes us super excited! We had been so discouraged by not seeing many people making the decision to follow Christ, but as we have been faithful and persistent, we are finally getting to see fruit. Praise God!

We also had a wonderful Easter celebration with our friends. A few people made the decision to be baptized. It was such a powerful time, praying for them and empowering them to go wholeheartedly after Jesus Christ. God is doing amazing things in this city, and I am excited to see what more He is going to do.