I hope you are doing well; I am praying for you guys! It has been a while since I posted a blog, but God has been doing awesome things. From our Chinese friends sharing about God with their friends, to people getting baptized, God has been doing so much over here. I am truly amazed!

My one friend, Marshal, has probably been the most impactful on my life, because his journey with God has truly been amazing. His testimony is of how God was always going after him and revealing himself to him. When we talked to Marshal about getting baptized, he first said he didn’t want to do it. Then he said “I don’t want to do it in front of people.” Finally, he said he wants to do it in front of everyone and God, because God has done so much for him in his life; he can’t help but give his whole life to Him! So he was baptized and is so on fire for God. I have poured into him greatly, so I feel so blessed that I was able to be a part of what God is doing.

I have so many stories of how God is moving, but I want to encourage each of you who are walking out in the life that God has for you. I was not fully funded when I moved over here to Asia. After a few months, I was very worried, because I was barely getting by. I had a lot of arrows against me; I was pushed to my limit and I felt like giving up. But God reminded me that He is with me, and He will never forsake me. To keep it short, I am now fully funded with no problems! I reached out to one of my spiritual mentors, she brought it up to her congregation, and they gave the exact amount I needed and more! Then one of my brothers who hadn’t given In a while sent in a check for the months he missed. Additionally, two other brothers I know heard my story and gave from the wiliness of their hearts. God is truly in control of everything! He gets all the glory and praise!