We recently found out that one of our sisters, who is in the family, was told by her family and boyfriend that we’re foreigners, a cult and what we’re doing is wrong. This is being said by the registered churches. She has blacklisted everyone she has been involved with. They also told her that we are putting drugs in their food, and are brainwashing them.

Another sister of ours has been called into questioning at her university for her faith. This is not the first time she has been called into questioning. Please pray for protection over her!

We knew things like this were going to happen, maybe not to this extreme. With Easter coming up we were preparing ourselves for the schemes the enemy might try, particularly since we were planning to have a church service where many people were making the decision to be baptized.  Please pray for us, especially now and the next few days as Easter is approaching! Pray that God’s glory would reign and be lifted up! That He would be lifted up during this time and especially during our special time together! That God would come and invade the place and everyone would experience HIM!

Thank you!