Lili, a young believer who has been a real strength to our group, brought her boyfriend to our church this past weekend. The day after church she unexpectedly deleted us all from a social media platform here. After a couple days she said her boyfriend had been concerned we were a cult (he is supposedly a Christian), but she apologized for pulling away and knew she could trust us.

Then today she deleted and blocked us all on social media again. Later we found out either she and her boyfriend or just her boyfriend (it’s not clear yet) went to the university and said that we were a cult, he had seen us drugging food served at our party, and a number of other very serious lies. The school began to call parents of some of our key disciples and threaten expulsion to at least one of our believers, Kristine.

Please pray for us during this serious attack! Specifically, please pray for:

  1. Kristine – That God will defend her from these accusations and protect her from any discipline from her school.
  2. Special Easter Service – This Easter morning (Saturday night EST) we will be having a special service where new believers will be getting baptized. Please pray for many students to get baptized and for protection for our gathering.
  3. LiLi – That God will restore her and bring her back into the church.
  4. Protection for all of our CT workers here, including our family.
  5. Strength for the believers here as they endure persecution – They have responded full of love, grace, and boldness so far. Please pray this continues.
  6. Revival – Pray that this attack from the enemy gets turned back upon him as even more students give their lives to Christ.

Thank you for standing with us!

PS – This request is sensitive. For our security, please don’t post this on any social media.