Hello, everyone!

I know it’s been a while! I wanted to catch you up on what I have been up to these past few months. I am in my third month of my internship. It has been going well, but keeping us quite busy. We have a book due every two weeks and usually have something scheduled from 9-5, Monday through Friday. There’s not too much free time, except for the weekends, which is when we can rest up.

This past week we had classes on leadership principles. This coming week all the interns will be helping out with training camp. Training camp is what I was doing last year at this time preparing to go to Asia for the first time! I can’t believe it. I personally will be a coach in helping some of them to raise all the support they need to be able to go. This will be for two weeks, until they depart on the 19th of August. The week after these two weeks we will then start a new class called Marriage and the Family. This class is all about relationships and dealing with issues in relationships. I am looking forward to these next weeks though they will be busy and may be exhausting at times.

Thank you for your support in prayer and finances!