“Do you guys want to go to the Asian buffet for dinner?”

If I asked you that question a year ago, it would have been because I was craving sesame chicken and Crab Rangoon. Since returning to the U.S., though, it usually means I just want to be around Asian people – to see them, speak with them, and interact with them.

It’s been an ongoing process to readjust to life in the U.S. I usually leave the grocery store asking myself questions like how on earth we came to have so many varieties of mayonnaise to choose from. (Not to mention the fact that it takes 15 minutes to drive to the grocery store in the first place). And some days I just really miss my friends, city, apartment, teammates, and lifestyle in Asia.

It’s not just the tough things, though, but also the good things, that continue to catch me off-guard. I never realized how much easier life is when you can read road signs, store names, food labels, and menus. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped dead in my tracks in the past two months to stare up at the stars, a sky that’s actually blue, or a sunset that’s not hidden behind a towering skyline. There’s even the fact (when I remember it) that I’m perfectly free to say any of the following words, anytime I like: God, Jesus, Church, Christian, missions, missionary, Holy Spirit, and Gospel.

What I’m most thankful for, though, is the opportunity God has given me to continue to be around most of my teammates – to speak the language with them, share travel stories with each other, and relive some of the life-changing moments God let us be a part of this year. Of the eighteen of us who traveled to Asia last year, ten have decided to continue working long-term with Campus Target. Over the next ten months, we will be participating in an internship in Lima, NY where we will receive leadership training, participate in personal development activities, assist in stateside office activities like recruiting, and dive into a season of fundraising.

After the internship, I’ll be serving on CT’s stateside team to help with financial administration, web projects, and event planning. Because CT intentionally keeps their stateside team as small as possible, I’ll have many hats to wear. But I’m so thankful and excited for the opportunity God has given me to continue impacting Asian college students with the Gospel of Christ.

Prayer Requests:

· From August 3-18, our new first-year workers will be going through two weeks of preparatory training before heading to Asia for ten months! Please pray for the training to be fruitful, and for peace of heart/mind for the workers and their families.

· For me and my fellow interns as we fundraise and participate in the internship before beginning our long-term assignments.

· For our Asian friends who are currently home on summer vacation – that they would continue to be strong in their faith and experience God while away from their church family.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!