Recently, My roommate and I have been experimenting with ways to meet new people. In the past, we had done sports or playing the Ukulele to meet new people. Only recently have we tried this new method which is basically just walking up to strangers. In three days, we were able to successfully share the Gospel with 10 people. We intended to share with 18, but sometimes things come up and people don’t always want to hear. Sharing this much is actually very difficult to do because when you make an Asian friend, they just want to spend the whole day with you. It can be hard to share multiple times in a day.

I also got to see my first healing!!! After sharing the Gospel with a new friend, we ended our conversation by praying for his ACL. He tore it months prior and it had prohibited him from doing sports. I placed my hand on his knee along with my partners. I felt a pop in his knee and I think he was surprised to find that his knee was feeling much better. At first I wasn’t sure if anything happened. It wasn’t until the next day, I found out that he was able to go for a run which was a huge improvement!