Things are moving pretty quickly here in X-town! About an hour after I wrote my last update to you, my roommates and I led two girls named Tian and Hulda into a relationship with Jesus! It was so wonderful. We just went out for dinner with them, and at some point, while we were eating, we asked them if they had any beliefs. Hulda said no, and Tian said that she was a Buddhist. We said that we believed in Jesus, and asked if they knew anything about Him. They both said “no.” Then we asked, “Well, do you mind if we share with you about who He is?” They both said, “Of course! We have never heard anything about this man, so please tell us.” It was really that simple and sweet! When we shared, Tian said, “I feel really excited right now.” Hulda added, “I feel like God is really with us right now.” They both said “yes!” to following Him when we asked!! Whaaat! Two new sisters! Praise the Lord!

A week later, we sat down with them and gave them their first… BOOKS. You know what I mean. That very very special Book, that contains the Word of God. The BIBLE! It was amazing to hear them say, “I have never seen one of these before.” Needless to say, they were SO excited to jump into reading them. I asked them if they felt any difference in their lives now that they have been believing in Jesus for a week, and Tian said, “I feel like I have a new energy inside of me since I started believing in Jesus.” Hulda said, “I do not feel this way, but every time a hard situation comes up, I just trust and believe in my heart that God will take care of me.” How amazing is that! They will be joining a small group here with someone who speaks the language. I am just so excited that they are beginning to understand the faith more.

As a last side note, I climbed a 7000 foot mountain yesterday. I am still aching, and feel all sorts of weird from it. That was by far the hardest thing I think I have ever done in my life. It was downpouring, and foggy, and freezing. Me and my friend, Trailblazer, decided to be mountain buddies and do nonstop prayer all the way up the mountain. It was so awesome!