Hello everyone!

I am exactly four weeks from boarding an airplane headed for the United States! I move out of my apartment on the 10th of Ma,y and my heart is experiencing the conflict of wanting to go home but also wanting to stay here, where I feel like I’ve found home and family.

Within the first few months of being here, I became close friends with a guy named Perry. We connected very well in a few different ways — one was music. Though I shared the good news with him, he was never very open to it. He graduated after the first semester and moved back to his hometown. The only chance we had of seeing him was at his sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, it overlapped with a trip I was supposed to take to another village, and I was not going to be able to make it. But then, something incredible happened! Not even three hours after I found out I could not make it to the wedding, he texted me saying he was back in town and wanted to see me. David and I met with him, and immediately all of the praying that our entire team had done over the past few months started to be apparent. As David shared, Perry’s heart was very open. During the conversation, he really caught fire, and in the end, he joined the family!

The next day, we were able to have a party with him and some of his friends. I was able to gift him a Bible and all the lessons each believer is walked through in the small groups. I am very excited to see how he is used and how his relationship will grow with the Father.

A few of my teammates and I were able to go on a trip in the south of the country, where we were able to visit a few of the local villages. The villages belong to an unreached minority group. I wish I could go into more detail about what I experienced there, but for the security of the people involved there I will have to leave it vague. GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

Back in X-Town, last week after helping at an English corner, I was able to share with four students, two of which were very interested and asking many questions! One of the students was a girl named Aimee. She is from an ethnic minority group native to the northwest of this nation. Her people are primarily Muslims. If she decided to join the family, she would have the potential to make a huge impact there. I will be passing Aimee off to one of the long-term workers here to follow up with her.