“This weekend has been so helpful! I came here unsure about so much, but now all my questions are answered!” Those were the words of Chelsee, one of our new team members at April Training. We were in our final hours of sessions on Sunday, and she was excited to head home and start preparing for a year of ministry in Asia.

I smile at her comment, because I know she’ll have at least a few more questions before she gets on the plane in August, but I’m so encouraged by her heart and attitude! 12 world changers came to Lima last weekend, and they left full of faith, vision, and practical training to prepare for Asia and raise all the funds they need.

One attendee from Michigan arrived having just heard about Campus Target, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to join the team this year or next year. Halfway through the weekend he committed to join this upcoming team!

Thank you so much for praying!

Serving together,

Wesley, Buttercup, and our kiddo