I know it’s been a little while. I’m back in NYC, but before I fill you in on some things, let me tell you a cool story!

Before I left for Asia, I didn’t realize just how much God has put into place in my life to help make going to Asia a possibility. Let me share with you what I mean. I live in College Point, Queens. College Point is directly next to Flushing, Queens which has the largest concentrated population of Asian Americans on the Eastern seaboard!!!!! Since being back, I’ve been able to connect with many Asian believers who are passionate about seeing Asian college students come to know God. I have been amazed at the unexpected ways that God has provided for me before I even knew it. I moved to College Point years before going to Asia was even a thought in my mind. These churches and believers have been passionate about Asia before I ever was. How cool is our God??!!!! I want to encourage you in the same way that I have been encouraged. If you’re going through a rough situation, I encourage you to take another look at all that God has provided for you already. He has placed you where you are, in the community you’re in, surrounded by the people you see every day, all for a specific reason. Reach out to people, you’ll be surprised in how provision can come from unlikely places.

So you may be wondering at this point, what am I up toooooooooo????? Well,

– Since I’ve been back, I’ve started an internship which is training me and preparing me to launch into 3 years of full-time ministry in Asia!

– I’m reaching out to people in my life, catching up, and asking them to partner with me in this, to see God’s Kingdom built in Asia!