Has the unexpected ever happened to you? A moment in time where you were going about your business, then everything suddenly changes?

Recently the unexpected has happened to me.

I was in my apartment, working on this blog. Suddenly, I get a phone call from my roommate. She was on campus and said there was a girl that was playing the ukulele on a bench, and that I should go there now so we could talk to her together!

First off, I love playing the ukulele, and second, I’ve been praying to God to use me to be a witness to people even though my language is not the greatest. I went with my ukulele, and my roommate and I started a conversation with her! We were able to practice the native language with her, play the ukulele with her, and have dinner with her!

Next time we hang out, we want to share about God with her. This was the unexpected moment that God gave to me and my roommate. I was going to write a completely different blog, but God gave me an unexpected opportunity; and because of that, I get another opportunity to share about God.

As I focus on language study this season, I want to expect the unexpected from God. I want to allow Him to use me in any way that He wants, so I can grow and impact people, even though I can’t connect with the Asian people on a deeper level yet.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement! Because of it, Asian students are being impacted! I am excited to go through this journey with you; to learn the heart language of a nation, teach them about God, and help them as they lead their people to God 🙂