Hey friends! To say that the past few weeks here in the X have been a roller coaster ride, would be an understatement.  More people have come into the family, hearts have opened up, and prayers have been answered. However, there has also been two different deaths in the families of people on our team, someone’s family member had a stroke, someone got into a pretty serious E-bike accident, and on top of all of these things, most of us here have felt some sort of emotional or spiritual attack as well.

But I write to you from a place of victory. Among all the emotional turmoil, there has been one voice that is louder than all the rest; the voice of our King. I believe that our God specializes in making broken things beautiful and in ultimately turning things around for His glory. I don’t have to go into detail about all the above situations for you to get the picture. Things here haven’t been all peaches and cream. But lives are still being changed, and dead things are coming to life, time and time again. God is still good. I think our team and us as individuals are about to see something amazing happen here; something bigger than any of us have ever imagined. The air is beginning to clear (haha not literally), and opportunities for us to make an impact for Christ on the lives of our Asian friends are arising now more than ever. God is on the move. So would you stand with me and the rest of us here in the X as we declare a plentiful harvest? Sometimes it may seem like the cost of what we’re doing is great, but what we reap for His sake will be even greater. Thank you so much. Your support is so needed.