First of all, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me during these two months! This month we’ve meet a lot of people and we’ve been able to share with more girls and guess what… we have THREE new sisters!!!!!! I’m so excited and happy I could cry right know, of course those would be tears of joy.

Alice is majoring in finance and was the first girl in saying yes to our Father. We met her through Claire, a Muslim girl whom we’re asking our Father to touch her heart. Alice is planning on going to the States to get her Masters. Hopefully she can join a group to know more about our Father.

Junxi is studying a postgraduate degree before she goes to the States to get her Master’s degree. When we met her she looked so distracted and like she wanted to run away from us. Then we walked for a while and we sat on a bench at the park and started to share with her. She was so interested in the stories we were telling her that she decided to join the family in that moment, the very same day we met her.

At the end of October we partnered with our Asian brothers and sisters and had a Halloween Party to reach out to more college students. It was a complete BLAST! We were able to connect and share with more students and we also had so much fun.

We also had our own costume party at our “Monday Party” (it’s like your Sunday church service where you sing to our Father and learn from Him). We were able to give thanks to our Father and sing Him from our hearts and have a good time all together as a team.