Hey Friends! Last week, a very special gathering took place here in the X. Asian brothers and sisters from the churches in 6-7 different cities came out for a weekend of being poured into. My roommate, Mulan, taught about the practice of radical sharing, God’s heart for the household, and entire families to know Him. She asked me to share my testimony and that of my family’s to them as an encouragement. I prayed a lot going into this time of sharing that God would use my story to impact them in a meaningful way. I asked for open hearts and action as a result of what they would hear.

While sharing with my Asian brothers and sisters how I came to know Him and then how I helped to lead my family to Him, I felt so honored. I cannot begin to describe the privilege it was to be able to do this. Some of the people in that very room were people who I helped lead into the family and there I was sharing with them honestly about my past and how God uses one person to change many. One of the hardest parts of any walk with God is being able to trust Him in the process as we shine our light to our family members and the people closest to us. Rejection, pain, hurt feelings, and loss of relationship are probably some of the biggest things we fear while we are truly shining our light to others. What made that afternoon so special was not that I got to talk to a bunch of Asian college students all at one time. But, that despite the fear and pain I know some of them have felt, despite the years of lies that have been fed to Asian people, this group of students were able to put those aside and trust something far greater: the love of Christ.

We ended the time by earnestly asking God to help each person share with their family. I am honestly having such a difficult time telling you what it was like to see the compassion and hope in their faces. Those students were able to walk away believing even more that God is capable of the impossible, melting hearts of stone. I want to challenge every one of you. Please, talk to the people in your life about Him! Share true love. How will they know unless you TELL them? How will they make a decision unless you ASK? Seek out opportunities for people to encounter Him. Introduce them to Him! And do not lose hope.