We’re excited to share that Rozanne is getting more involved in ministry! She’s going to be helping me more as well as doing some things I’m not involved in. We’re looking forward to serving our staff together as we all work to see Asian students reached with the Gospel!

Speaking of that, some really cool things have been happening in Asia! Our team held a retreat where believers from multiple cities got together to seek God and talk about their identity as believers and what God is calling them to as a collective church. Together the movement committed to financially supporting their first young native missionary who will be evangelizing to a minority people group this year for at least six months. God ‘s anointing on this young man’s life has been powerfully evidenced already as he has had open doors and led a man to the Lord in one of the most spiritually dry regions. Wow!

Another really cool story is about Andy, a recent college graduate who is now working. He had been sharing his faith boldly at work and the boss of the whole company caught wind of it and called him into his office. When the boss began introducing his topic, Andy knew he might be in trouble. To his surprise, his boss asked him to teach the whole company about what Christians believe! They sell to Americans, and his boss thought everyone understanding what Christians believe would be a good idea. So the next tell Andy preached the Gospel for 15 minutes to the whole company!

God is good! Pray for us as we iron out details of our roles here in the office and seek to get fully funded. Thanks for standing with us! We need a team to accomplish the dream!

On Dec. 4th we ran a marathon! I had been running for some time, but Rozanne only started running again in August. Training was challenging for her because her knees got sore, slowing us down from our original time goal. But we ran that marathon and finished it! All glory to God! It was an emotional experience; by mile 18 both of us became softies. One of us would say something encouraging like “I’m so proud of you” and then we would both tear up. 🙂 Rozanne’s knees held up fairly well until the last three miles when she had to fight a lot of pain. She was awesome. We traveled to Texas to be with some really special friends for this race. We were so blessed by the love and support of our dear friends and the time we shared!

Our daughter is on the cusp of walking. She babbles, says “Mama,” and seems to be learning a new skill every day. And best of all she’s been sleeping through the night (most nights) for a month or two now. Yay!