“Oh crap I’m gonna be late”, I thought. Walking as fast as I could to get the train before it left, I just made it inside and sat down. Letting out a sigh, and wiping the trickle of sweat from my forehead, I noticed that a group of Asian students came rushing in after me, just having made it as well. They sat down on the bench next to me, and I immediately knew that wasn’t a coincidence. They were speaking the Asian local language to each other! So, I just started talking to the girl next to me. Her name was Crystal. Crystal has been in America for 4 years now. She loves it here but misses home sometimes.

I asked her if she had some beliefs. She said she didn’t really, but that she’s heard about God and isn’t sure about Him. I shared with her that there was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure about Him either but that over time, He showed me how good He is and He changed my life. I shared the Gospel with her and she was surprised at how God loves so much and cares about us so much. I asked her if she wanted to start a relationship with Him and she said okay but then didn’t want to pray together.

However, her friend who was with her, Joe, and I started to chat and as it turned out, he had been sharing with her and lifting her up for months! I thought it was so crazy that Dad had us randomly sit down next to each other on the train. If I didn’t strike up a conversation with her, Crystal never would have had another seed sown into her. You just never know the plans Dad has in mind when He brings people into your life, even if it seems completely random!